The Oscars are Hollywood’s biggest night and it is a time for us to gather together and honor the best in filmmaking. However, there are many awards shows the Oscars competes with, like the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, DGA Awards, etc which seem to be pulling viewers away from us. We want The Oscars to stand out as the pinnacle of motion picture awards shows, to not get lost in the noise of awards season, and to have it’s own unique voice in a crowded landscape.

Almost every awards show uses black and gold in their branding, and The Oscars were no exception. We wanted a unique and fresh look to our show, while still maintaining the regality and formality of the past. We chose to incorporate red into our branding to reflect the red carpet. By doing so, we separated ourselves from our competition and created a look entirely our own. We also created a color scheme for each category in smaller campaigns to be used on social media, giving each category its own look and the recognition it deserves. Finally, we centered our campaign around two basic shapes: a triangle and a circle. These shapes depict a spotlight shining down on the stage (triangle) or shining directly at you (circle). The spotlight motif has been a staple of the Academy logo since it’s founding.

The strong branding created a completely new look for the show that helped distinguish itself from other awards shows. The key art matched the red carpet and the social media was colorful, strong, and helped increase engagement leading up to the show. Ultimately, this new colorful branding helped pave the way for future shows to follow in its footsteps.

Key Art

*Key art was created by BLT Communications using branding guidelines developed by the Academy marketing team

Outdoor Design

I created an animation using Adobe After Effects to welcome the nominees to The 89th Oscars.

Nominee Announcement

I helped develop the motion graphics template in the nominee announcement video, using a triangle pattern in the background.

Oscar Week

During Oscar Week, we have multiple screening events for the following categories: Animated Feature, Shorts, Documentaries, Foreign Langue Film, and Makeup and Hairstyling.

I was in charge of designing the pamphlets that give synopses and credits for each nominated film.

Social Media

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